Welcome to the madhouse! Join indie filmmakers, Brian Cottington, John Wooliscroft, and Elaine Wooliscroft as they dive into the latest films, film news, and entertainment-news. No movie is above entry into the madhouse, be it the finest filet mignon of cinema or the greasiest fast food of cinematic schlock.

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"We can setup a couple of rings and have guys get in their underwear, oil themselves up, and pretend to punch each other...OR WE CAN SEND A GUY TO THE MOON!"- Great quote from @HeyHeyItsConrad of @PrichardShow @TheUnRealJWools pic.twitter.com/MICWrLv2Hi

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The Cinema Psychos Show: No Holds Barred with Conrad Thompson – Episode 90

“WHAT’S THAT SMELL????  DOOOOKIE!!” Yes folks we got another one for the Pantheon of Utter Shit this week.  We are reviewing the first solo outing of Hulk Hogan in feature …

The Cinema Psychos Show: Kevin Smith – Filmmaker Retrospective – Episode 89

This week, we are diving into the work of one of the most prolific filmmakers of the modern age: Kevin Smith.  A man who has been able to distill a …

The Cinema Psychos Show: Last Action Hero with Chris Lemke of Ready, Set, Geek – Episode 88

This week, we’ve got a hell of an episode and we can promise that you will not need a magic ticket to enter our world of movie madness. Joined by …

Monster Mark Kosobucki – Interview – Episode 87

This week we are joined with Monster Mark Kosobucki.  Mark is a well known collaborator of friend of the show, Len Kabasinski as having served as the special effects makeup …

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Brand new podcast promo! Check out this episode!

Cool Cat Saves The Kids – Movie Review – Episode 86

Oh boy, we have a whopper of a terrible film this week folks.  We are exploring the horrifying and nightmarish world of Cool Cat.  A world full of terrible filmmaking, …

The Cinema Psychos Show: 2017 Year In Review- Episode 85

Ah 2017, the year that answered the question, “What would a 90 minute movie based around emoticons actually look like.”  This week, we are giving you a recap of the …

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Movie Review- Episode 84

SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!  Happy new year all!!! We are back after a little holiday hiatus and we are hitting the ground running with a review that we know you all have …

The Cinema Psychos Show: Rick Harper: Director of “Room Full of Spoons” – Interview – Episode 83

This week, we’ve got a Christmas treat for you all.  Something that we have been excited to share with you all.  We have an exclusive interview with Rick Harper of …

The Cinema Psychos Show: The Last Christmas Sack – Episode 82

This week, we are pushing through to our final entry into our Sack Full of Christmas Fails.  Inside our sack this week, we have selected classics from the decade that …

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