Welcome to the madhouse! Join indie filmmakers, Brian Cottington, John Wooliscroft, and Elaine Wooliscroft as they dive into the latest films, film news, and entertainment-news. No movie is above entry into the madhouse, be it the finest filet mignon of cinema or the greasiest fast food of cinematic schlock.

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The Cinema Psychos Show: Thunderpants (2002) – Movie Review – Episode 66

This week, we are ripping ass left and right as we review a little known nugget of a film featuring such high caliber actors as Stephen Fry, Paul Giamatti, Simon …

The Cinema Psychos Show: Spiderman: Homecoming (2017) – Movie Review – Episode 65

This week we are grabbing our web shooters and radioactive spiders as we dive into the newest incarnation of Spiderman fresh from the armpit of Hollywood’s money making nostalgia goliath…this …

The Cinema Psychos Show: George A. Romero: Father of Independent Filmmaking – Episode 64

On this very somber and serious episode, Brian, John, and Laine take a moment to reflect on the passing of a legend who not only birthed the modern zombie film, …

Kahmeela Adams – Producer of The Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project – Episode 63

You all are in store for a treat this week folks.  We’ve got 2 features in one episode! Up first, we are reviewing 2 short films from indie filmmaker, Nathan …

CarousHELL (2016) – Movie Review – Episode 62

This week, Brian, John, and Laine are taking a local stroll down to the newest entry into the comedic horror slasher genre with friend of the show, Steve Rudzinski’s newest …

The Cinema Psychos Show: Dead Heat (1988) – Movie Review – Episode 61

This week, Brian, John, and Laine are going undercover in the only buddy cop movie to feature zombies, Vincent Price, and Joe Piscopo at his most “Piscopoian”.  Yes, we are …

The Cinema Psychos Show: Uncle Sam (1996) – Movie Review – Episode 60

Happy America Day!  What better way to celebrate the fourth other than explore one of the worst b rated  horror films to feature a patriotic theme, the cult classic Uncle …

Sexy Ad – Cinema Psychos Show

New “Sexy Ad” for our podcast….Enjoy!   Check out this episode!

The Cinema Psychos Show: Len Kabasinski – Filmmaker Interview – Episode 59

This week Brian, John, and Elaine sit down with world renown martial artist and fusion filmmaker, Len Kabasinski of Killer Wolf Films.  Len is the mind behind such b movie …

Wonder Woman – Movie Review – Episode 58

This week, Brian, John, and Elaine are traveling to the singular bright spot in the eternally dismal and brown filtered ridiculousness that is the DC Extended Universe of films.  We …

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