Welcome to the madhouse! Join indie filmmakers, Brian Cottington, John Wooliscroft, and Elaine Wooliscroft as they dive into the latest films, film news, and entertainment-news. No movie is above entry into the madhouse, be it the finest filet mignon of cinema or the greasiest fast food of cinematic schlock.

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The Cinema Psychos Show: Highest Grossing R Rated Movies – Episode 46

This week Brian, John, and Elaine are analyzing the biggest money makers in movie history that tend to have gratuitous violence, naughty language, and nudity.  What makes these movies money …

The Cinema Psychos Show: Logan – Movie Review – Episode 45

This week, we are sharpening our adamantium claws as we slice and dice into Hugh Jackman’s farewell to Wolverine in James Marigold’s “Logan.”  We get into the nitty gritty of …

The Cinema Psychos Show: Emperor Palpatine’s Press Conference

Emperor Sheev Palpatine delivers his first press conference after his rousing senate speech declaring the formation of The Galactic Empire and his newly minted position of Supreme Emperor. Check out …

The Cinema Psychos Show: The Oscars 2017 Recap – Episode 44

This week, Brian, John, and Laine put a period on the 2017 Academy Awards; Recapping the winners, losers, and strangely bizarre flubs.  We try to answer what actually did happen …

The Cinema Psychos Show: The 2017 Razzie Awards Preview – Episode 43

Its’ Oscar weekend everyone!  The one time of the year that Hollywood explodes in an orgy of self gratification.  But The Oscars are not the only awards ceremony going on …

The Cinema Psychos Show: The Room (2003) – Movie Review – Episode 42

Oh Hi Mark, Hi Doggie, Hi podcast audience…How’s your sex life? This week we continue our epic adventure into the depths of B Movie Madness Month with our in depth …

The Cinema Psychos Show: B Movie Breakdown – B Movie Madness Month – Episode 41

In honor of February being Oscar month, we are celebrating in our own way by showcasing the very best in trashy yet awesome films as part of BAD MOVIE MADNESS …

The Cinema Psychos Show | Oscars 2017: AKA Hollywood’s Circle Jerk of Doom

This week, Brian, John, and Elaine are dropping some big news along with analyzing one of America’s biggest most self gratifying institutions.  We are now part of The Epicast Network …

Passengers – Movie Review with Special Guest: Jessica Semler – Episode 39

This week, Brian, John, and Elaine are joined by feminist blogger Jessica Semler of Jessica Rabbid as we tackle the controversial Chris Pratt – Jennifer Lawrence film: Passengers, a film …

2016: A Terrible Year with Terrible Movies – Episode 38

Now that the infamous New Year’s 2017 stomach bug has left us, we can get down to brass tax with very exhaustive review of some of the gems and turds …

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