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A weekly round up of the best (and strangest) action on Bandcamp from artists in and around Pittsburgh.

Zeitgest – “Z2 Judgement Daze”

zeitgest cover

Whoever decided to release the posthumous “Z2 Judgement Daze” recordings from the now-defunct Pittsburgh punk lords Zeitgeist has to be a total dick. I mean, I’m stoked on this album, but it comes with an inherent parallel admission that I can’t see Zeitgeist live anymore, which is a real punch in the ass.

Zeitgeist oozes energy on this record, a seriously hard thing to bottle in a recording studio. The vigor all comes from vocalist Tilley Hawk, who channels the strength and dynamics of Bad Brains’ H.R. on the entire album, though at times it feels like she’s dragging the band along with her, as the instruments will occasionally slip into generic, Black Cat-era punks riffs. Still, for most of the album the group is cohesive and work to complement each other, and the production of the album is right in that sweet spot between raw and professional.

“Z2 Judgement Daze” is a solid, classic punk album. Listen to it at a loud volume.

Hot track: Truth or Consequences

Arbitrary emoji rating: 4 out of 5 hammers


Slugss – “Second One Second”

slugss cover

The second track releases from Slugss listen like palate cleansers from the lo-fi, low effort indie and alternative music that flood sites like Bandcamp or Soundcloud, and what really impresses from the quintet’s two new tracks is that you can’t exactly put your finger on any of their music.

These guys push out moments of shoegaze, at times they sound like Mac Demarco and their composition is just straight up GREAT. Slugss really focus in on great songwriting, weaving in and out of measures with the grace and forethought of Sergeant Pepper, fluctuating volume and harmony before they pull back into the isolation of graceful instrumentation.

Slugss just signed on to record with Wild Kindness Records, and for good reason. You just wish that there were more than two tracks to listen to, but still, they are incredible.

Hot track: Dark Shades

Arbitrary emoji rating: 5 out of 5 Moai


What the fuck did I just listen to?

Bandcamp allows any artist to upload whatever they want to the site. Some artists take that idea and run with it. Here’s the weirdest thing from Pittsburgh on Bandcamp this week.

Spooky Mulder – “To Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders Regarding His Endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President of the United States”

spookymulder cover

Not to be left out on the string of wonky and absurd responses to Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton, (including claims he was kidnapped and cloned, plus a walkout during the event) indie darling Spooky Mulder penned his own personal letter to the Vermont senator that is as desperate as it is delusional.

Yeah, that’s right, we’re gonna get political here. Come for the emoji ratings, stay for the bureaucratic commentary.

This track is a really great summary of the viral indignation that has sickened entrenched Sanders supporters. It is hilarious and dismaying that the same voters who claim they would follow Sanders to the bitter end now won’t take his word when he insists that Hillary Clinton is the best option for the United States moving forward. If you like the guy so much, how about, you know, trusting him on this? Spooky Mulder even encourages Sanders to “show solidarity” and run with Jill Stein. RUN WITH JILL STEIN? Are you fucking serious?!

Christ, people, act like you’ve been there before. You think you’re disappointed? Imagine how the people who voted for Jimmy Carter must have felt.