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269 Gerry Powell & Jay Brown: Live From Rythmia

Truth is heart, heart is truth. It’s all the same. You cannot tell someone the absolute truth and not have it come from a heart-based place. – Gerry Powell Love is …

Drinking Partners #207 – Aadam Soorma

Ed complains as he finds himself in “third place on his own podcast” in the voice department as Aadam Soorma from Porter Craft Beer Tours joins the Drinking Partners. The …

Start The Beat with Sikes #209 – Reign Of Z

Hard Rock/Alt-Metal powerhouse Reign of Z joins me this week for a really fun talk about the important balance of being musicians & being “normal” human beings. We also chat …

Betty Boop, Crash Bandicoot, Dragon Ball Z, Funko Shop, Missing Link, Overwatch, Pokemon & More! – Talk’n Pops 153

Josh is very inappropriate in this rough episode. Join our Patreon to get exclusive bonus content: patreon.com/talknpops Buy our shirts at talknpops.com/shop If you have a question for us call and …

Give Me Murder #85 – USS Indianapolis

Lotta sharks and a lotta death, it’s Ship Weeks Week Three The Third Week. Check out this episode!

Pitchwerks #131 – Vivek Kumar and John Goldschmidt | Qlicket

The last time Vivek Kumar was in the studio, this fine program was celebrating its 40th episode, and Qlicket was primarily selling into the hospitality space.  A lot has happened …

268 Sara Gustafson: Understanding The Primal Self

For greater wellness, we need to create a primal fusion of diet, exercise, rest, and happiness. Without even one, none of them will work. All of your primal needs have …

Drinking Partners #206 – Jordan Robarge | Revival Chili

In their newest podcast release, the Drinking Partners highlight Revival Chili, after they offer a hilarious examination of the business casual look. Jordan Robarge – Revival Chili’s founder – speaks …

Start The Beat with Sikes #208 – Lauren ‘Shay’ DeMichiei

Singer / Songwriter Lauren ‘Shay’ DeMichiei joins me this week for a talk about her work, the Pittsburgh music scene, and the state of the music industry in general. Sit back, …

Funko Field, Funko Shop, Star Wars, Mickey and Minnie, World of Pop and More! – Talk’n Pops 152

This could be a good episode, but we had a little bit of a sound issue towards the end because of Auggie. Join our Patreon to get exclusive bonus content: patreon.com/talknpops …

267 Keith & Michelle Norris | Beyond The Curtain of Paleo f(x)

When you love yourself first, then everything else is going to fall into place. – Keith and Michelle Norris What impact do you want to create for your wellness journey in 2019? …

Give Me Murder #84 – SS Edmund Fitzgerald

The story of the Edmund Fitzgerald sinking into the non-briny depths of Lake Superior, killing its entire crew Check out this episode!

Pitchwerks #130 – Matt Stroud and Carmen Gentile | Postindustrial Media

This week’s episode has it all!  Journalism, market validation, crowdfunding, Donald Trump, tasers, rocket-propelled grenades, the NFL, coal mines and steelworkers!  Our guests this week are Matt Stroud and Carmen …

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