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Pitchwerks #118 – Dr. Courtney Williamson | Abililife

LOTS OF GREAT STUFF THIS WEEK as Dr. Courtney Williamson, CEO of Abililife, checks into the Epicast Studios to talk to Scot about being the head of a medical equipment …

255 Ted Ryce: Altered States, Legendary Life, & The Gift of Perspective

The more you immerse yourself in certain transformative activities, the easier it is for you to go from altered states to altered traits. Whether it’s exercise, breathwork, plant medicine or traveling, …

Drinking Partners #194 – Eleventh Hour Brewing Co.

Matt and Keana McMahon, the married owners of Eleventh Hour Brewing stop by the studio in the newest Drinking Partners podcast. Hear how a home brewing kit gifted to Matt …

Start The Beat with Sikes #196 – Gregg Harrington of Neon Brainiacs

This week I sit down with my friend Gregg Harrington of the Neon Brainiacs podcast for a talk about Horror Movies, Video Games, Hardcore and so much more. Sit back, relax …

Ant-Man and the Wasp, Britney Spears, Funko Shop, Overwatch, Rick and Morty & More! – Talk’n Pops 140

This is probably the best episode of the year! If you have a question for us call and leave us a voice mail 224-300-POPS (7677) and we will answer it …

2018 Year in Review Part 2 – Episode 127

Got a movie you want us to review or feedback on the show? Contact us cinemapsychosshow@gmail.com This week, We are back for Part 2 of our review of 2018: The …

We Are The Weirdos- Jamie Fadden Cannon

#121 We Are The Weirdos We Are The Weirdos instantly had me hooked by it’s name. I consider myself to be quite the weirdo, and wear that badge proudly. When I …

Start The Beat with Sikes #195 – Sid Riggs (Part Two)

PART TWO! This week I sit down with my friend Sid Riggs for a chat about developing new talent and his time spent playing music and producing bands over the …

Give Me Murder #73 – New Year’s Necrophilia El Tercero: the Truest Crime

More necrophilia, more rambling, thank you for listening we love you.  Pump away. Check out this episode!

Pitchwerks #117 – Andy Hannah | Othot

This week, we’ve got one of those guests where it’s hard to figure out if we can – or should – cover everything he has done in his career.  Andy …

2018 Year in Review Pt.1 – Episode 126

Got a movie you want us to review or feedback on the show? Contact us cinemapsychosshow@gmail.com This week, we are finally taking a stab at reviewing the year that was …

254 Tommy Baker: The Art of Surrender

Surrender is an energy of just allowing; it’s your pathway to the powerful transformation that you’re looking for in your life. – Tommy Baker Are you ready to create your life …

Drinking Partners #193 – DJ Nate Da Barber

As the Drinking Partners enjoy a holiday sampling from Troeg’s, they welcome DJ Nate Da Barber, whose tag sums up his professional passions as an owner of two barbershops and …

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