342 Transitioning from Management Consulting to a Sports Technology Startup w/ Norma Nieto

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Norma Nieto was the President of PIVOT, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Impellia through mid-2017, and is currently working in multiple capacities for Impellia as a consultant. She currently has her own strategy and analytics consulting company, N-Squared Strategic Consulting, which helps clients harness the power of data and analytics to develop innovative strategies.


Impellia is a sports software and sensor-based technology company co-founded by former Pittsburgh Steelers QB Charlie Batch.


We discuss transitioning from a large corporation to a scrappy startup.


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Norma’s Challenge; Don’t be afraid of a startup. Change can bring someone great out of you.


Book Recommendation  

Lead and Disrupt: How to Solve the Innovator’s Dilemma by Charles A. O’Reilly III & Michael Tushman


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