326 Revolutionary Restaurant Incubator w/ Galley Group co-founder Tyler Benson

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The Restaurant Industry was due for a new idea, and that’s exactly what Tyler Benson and Benjamin Mantica when they co-founded Smallman Galley.


Their food hall restaurant accelerator is the first of its kind in the United States. The space incubates four restaurant concepts at a time and drastically lowers the startup costs of a new culinary venture.


Tyler and Ben are Navy Veterans who were inspired by world travels to bring innovative food and beverage concepts to the United States. They started in Pittsburgh and are laying plans to expand across the country.


In this conversation, Tyler & Aaron discuss the origin of the company, who gets free meals at a restaurant, and how time spent at one of the Galleys sets a restaurant up for success.


Resources Mentioned

Provision Pgh

Iron Born Pizza

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Tyler’s Challenge; Go somewhere you haven’t been before and experience a fresh perspective or culture.


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