318 A Year of Twitch Streaming, SEO Fundamentals, and Advice from Scott Adams Brad Driscoll

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This episode was an opportunity to pester one of my good friends, Brad Driscoll, with questions ?


In addition to co-founding Think Big Marketing, Brad has generated 10 million views on YouTube and amassed one of the 1,000 largest audiences on Twitch.


He’ll be talking about building a YouTube account at an event we are holding August 1st.


RSVP to the Facebook event for updates or buy a ticket right now.


In this episode, we primarily talk about building his Twitch audience and building his business.


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Brad’s Challenge; For the next 2-3 weeks, let someone know you like their content after you consume it.


Resources Mentioned

OBS Studio



Connect with Brad







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A digital agency that provides strategy, delivery, and analysis specializing in a few key service offerings.

Documentary-as-a-Service (Vlogging 2.0)

Instagram Content Production & Account Building

Podcast Production, Strategy Consulting, and Guest Acquisition


If you aren’t creating or curating content regularly, your clients and customers might forget you’re open for business.




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