274 Teaching Moms to Code, Business Leaders to Hire, and Everyone to Empathize with One Another with Erica Peterson

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Employers are slowly embracing remote work and flexible systems as the deployment of the digital age accelerates. Why are moms being left out of the fun?


Erica Peterson is the Founder of Moms Can: Code, an online community for current and future moms who code. She sits at the nexus of tech talent and employers looking to gain an edge. She’s also inspired quite a few new entrepreneurs.


Erica is passionate about exposing women and children to STEM and was recently selected as a member of The Incline’s Who’s Next: Education class for her work as Founder & Board President of Science Tots.


Attend my one-day conference January 27th in Pittsburgh. Learn more here.


Erica’s Challenge; Call 5 moms you know and tell them about Moms Can Code.


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