267 Keith & Michelle Norris | Beyond The Curtain of Paleo f(x)

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When you love yourself first, then everything else is going to fall into place. – Keith and Michelle Norris

What impact do you want to create for your wellness journey in 2019?

On Wellness Force Radio episode 267, CEOs and Founders of Paleo f(x), Michelle and Keith Norris, share how they’ve helped to create a space for both men and women to do the outer and inner work, the message behind the phrase they’ve created, “Heal thyself; change the world,” how the exploration of emotional intelligence is woven into the health and wellness conversation and what inspires them every year to help people understand, learn, and heal at Paleo f(x).

Discover how the 6 Pillars of Health can help you stay your authentic self throughout your pathway towards better health.

Learn more about Paleo f(x) 2019 happening April 26-28 at wellnessforce.com/PFX


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Why Attend Paleo f(x)™ 2019?

Imagine being part of the largest gathering of Paleo / ancestral health / keto / functional medicine / strength & conditioning experts in the world… gathered to help YOU up-level your life and connect with your tribe! Paleo f(x)™ is the Who’s Who gathering of the ancestral health movement. Our tribe gathers to learn and grow together! We bring the latest, most cutting-edge science and strategy together to help you create your very best!

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