Going Deep With Aaron | 262 Why You Should Freeze Your Stem Cells Today, According to Dr. Mark Katakowski & Steven Clausnitzer of Forever Labs

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CEO Steven Clausnitzer, prior to Forever Labs, spent 15 years mentoring and developing top-talent at fortune 500 companies including American Express and Wolters Kluwer. He has extensive experience in strategic growth, commercialization, and team leadership.


Dr. Mark Katakowski received his Ph.D. in Medical Physics from Oakland University. He has over 15 years experience investigating bone mesenchymal stem cell therapies for neurological disease, and an extensive scientific publication record.


Dr. Katakowski was first to demonstrate that microRNA functions as an intercellular communication molecule between brain tumor cells. This work led to his finding that bone marrow MSCs communicate with the nervous system via blood-born exosomes. Dr. Katakowski’s hypothesis that bone marrow cell degradation contributes to aging and age-related disease is the founding principle of Forever Labs.

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Steven’s Challenge; Find someone over the age of 70 and ask them if they’d be interested in accessing their 35 year old biology.

Mark’s Challenge; Be mindful of your physical existence and your body’s natural processes.

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