Going Deep With Aaron | 253 Li Jiang, How to be an Angel Investor & Win an AUDL Championship with the San Francisco Flamethrowers

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The world is a funny place. Every once in awhile, you run into someone cut from the same cloth as you. Whenever you find someone like that, i recommend recording a podcast together!


My guest, Li Jiang is a venture capital specialist, angel investor, and a co-owner of the San Francisco Flamethrowers. After leaving investment banking, he moved to Silicon Valley and has amassed a portfolio of angel investments and a family of entrepreneurs to support.


As a student, Li founded a student storage and shipping company and grew it into Northwestern University’s largest student company.


You’re gonna like this interview.



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Li’s Challenge; Go and try to help someone without any way for them to repay you. Ask them to pay it forward.

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