Going Deep With Aaron | 252 Foo Conner, New Media Pioneer of Pittsburgh

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Newspapers and other forms of old media are struggling to adapt to to this new world of digital media. In their stead, pioneering creators like Foo Conner are rising to report, document, and move our collective conscious.


In this interview, we cover Foo’s activism, how he’s gone about growing his massive social following (2 million readers a month, 115k Twitter followers, 500k YouTube subscribers, and more than 50k email subscribers), and his commitment to supporting cultural drivers like Thrival and Randyland.


In addition to serving as a cultural curator, Foo is a willing connector and intent on building bridges.


Say hi then next time you see this professional party crasher around Pittsburgh.


Attend my one-day conference January 27th in Pittsburgh


Foo’s Challenge; Write to your heroes. You’ll be shocked who responds.






Connect with Foo







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