226 Ed Latimore, Writer, Physicist, and Professional Heavyweight Boxer!?!

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Ed Latimore is a man of diverse talents and interests. When he is not training for a fight or challenging your sensibilities on Twitter, he is thinking deeply about culture and philosophy.


Latimore is also a patriot, having served as a radio technician specialist in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and an AmeriCorps volunteer. He is currently working to complete a degree in Physics and Electrical Engineering at Duquesne University.


When he is not strengthening his body for boxing, Latimore exercises his mind to stay sharp inside the ring by playing chess. He has traveled to Moscow and Berlin to compete against world-renowned chess players. Additionally, he is also a prolific writer having self-published several books and blogs regularly.


Ed’s Challenge; Do something you’re afraid of.


Ed’s Book

Not Caring What Other People Think Is A Superpower: Insights From a Heavyweight Boxer by Ed Latimore


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