221 Ryan Snowden, Ethereum’s Rise and What Happens Next

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Ryan Snowden is the Strategic Growth Coordinator at CB Insights, a National Science Foundation-backed technology market intelligence platform that provides predictive intelligence into emerging technology trends, startups and corporate strategy. Ryan is intertwined with sales and marketing operations, events, and special projects at CB Insights. His research provides insights for investors, Fortune 500 executives, among other early-adopters, and has positioned Ryan as an ambassador of Ethereum.

Prior to CB Insights, Ryan worked in sales for a handful of New York City and Pittsburgh-based startups while building an on-demand lead generation business. He holds a degree in Finance and General Management from the University of Pittsburgh, loves to play ultimate frisbee, and have long conversations about the implications of the blockchain. 


Dapps (Decentralized Applications) Mentioned

Augur and Gnosis as prediction markets

Brave‘s Basic Attention Token

Coinbase’s TokenBrowser and Status

Golem for decentralized computing

SingularDTV and Ujo Music for artists and content

uPort for self-sovereign identity

WeiFund for crowdfunding


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Future of Fintech conference- including previous guest Joe Lubin

Week in Ethereum News


Ryan’s Challenge; Do the research on Ethereum


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