193 Graham Hill, Rethinking Real Estate with Minimalism

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Graham Hill is the founder of LifeEdited, dedicated to helping people design their lives for more happiness with less stuff. When he started the company in 2010, it brought the ideas of his previous project, the eco-blog and vlog TreeHugger.com, into design and architecture.


Before Treehugger, Hill studied architecture and design (his side business is making those cool ceramic Greek coffee cups). His other company, ExceptionLab, is devoted to creating sustainable prototypes, like lamps made from recycled blinds and ultra-mod planters that are also air filters.


Hill is the author of a book called Weekday Vegetarian.


Check out

Graham’s NYT Op-ed & Graham’s TED talk


Graham’s THREE Challenges

  1. Organize an area with three boxes, Keep, Get Rid of, and Maybe. Keep the Maybe box for 3-6 months then get rid of everything you didn’t use.
  2. Use renewable, sustainable energy.
  3. Meatless weekdays




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