Wellness Force Radio #85 – Lisa Perkins: You Are Not One Size Fits All

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“Rules minus relationship equals rebellion. So what does that mean? We may impose rules upon ourselves either from an external plan or just rules that we’re putting on ourselves. If we don’t have  a solid relationship with ourselves, that’s going to end in rebellion. You have to pay attention to yourself just like you would if you were learning a new skill.”- Lisa Perks


When it comes to personal health, one size does not fit all. We are all different from the inside as we are from the outside. Just because one diet works for one person, doesn’t mean that it will work for the rest of us.

The same can be said about a relationship between a personal coach and a client. Just because one approach worked with one client doesn’t mean that it will work with the rest.

What does it take to a create a beneficial relationship between a personal coach and client? How can a personal coach reach out to a client in such a way that it will change their life forever?

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition Coach, Lisa Perkins, of Primal Transformations shares her 5 tips for changing your life around and discovering the perfect health plan for you.


The Power of Connection in The Coaching Relationship


“We can’t look at quantitative biomarker data without looking at the emotional components.”-Lisa Perkins


During her journey to become a personal coach, Lisa discovered the power of emotional intelligence and connection with other people. She realized that there is so much more to health than just factual research.

Biomarkers and solid feedback is important to see a direct correlation and health results, but a human connection is necessary as well.

A person needs to set a health goal that they can connect with so that it gives value to their life. 

Lisa has witnessed the struggle of many clients dealing with yo-yo diets and follow strict diet plans that guarantee results in a month. These health plans don’t work because there is no connection.

According to Lisa, you have to be intrinsically motivated with positive goals that make you feel good about who you are. If you always view yourself in a negative light  with feeling constant pressure from society, that will not help you reach your health and fitness goal.

Find a coach who you can connect with and share your background. 

Likewise, as a personal coach you can connect deeper with your client by asking them questions such as:

  • What do you truly want?
  • What matters to you?

As a coach, allow yourself to be vulnerable with other people so that you can connect with your clients. A lot of us feel that we need to look good to feel accepted, but what we really need is acceptance on a personal level.


Your Approach Predicts Your Progress


“When we’re constantly judging ourselves, nothing will happen. When we talk with other people that we trust, we can see things in a new light. We’re all struggling with the same things, but we’re not talking about them.” – Lisa Perkins


The diet industry only focuses on short term result plans, but these are not successful. What is successful, is a long-term plan that is long-lasting and beneficial for the client.

Customized health plans are necessary to help our minds, bodies, and needs.

If a diet plan is not working, tweak and change it so that you’re still losing weight, but you’re also always satiated and feel full after a meal.

When you begin to change your diet and habits, all of your problems will reach the surface. In this moment of clarity, you will be able to reframe yourself.

This doesn’t mean you start judging your problems, but you face them with curiosity and patience rather than feel shame for yourself.

Step back and take a moment to give yourself the time and space that you need to understand yourself and your feelings.

Once we actually have that connection with a real human, we can dig deeper.


Become the Expert on You vs Following Gurus


We have the power to take our health into our own hands and make the necessary changes to live full lives. We don’t have to follow what everyone else is doing, but set up our own path for ourselves.

It can be so hard to pay attention to ourselves and what our body needs, but once we establish a relationship with ourselves, so many doors can be opened for us.

Once you have a positive goal, you can begin to work towards that healthy lifestyle that works for you. You have all the resources you could possibly need to help you eat better, exercise more, and have a clear mind.

Lisa recommends 3 steps to begin your own health journey:

  • 1) Eat real food most of the time
    • Paleo is a simple approach and a good baseline to just start eating simple, wholesome food
  • 2)Become aware of your body’s signals
    • Ask yourself, “Am I physically hungry?”
    • When you’re aware of your body’s signals, you develop self awareness.
  • 3) Being prepared with healthy food
    • The issues start when we’re not prepared.
    • Track your food at the beginning of making changes for yourself.


There IS NO wagon


The wagon mentality is an excuse. Being undecided about whether to follow a plan for ourselves or not tells us that we don’t trust ourselves.

If you want to keep with a yo-yo diet or continue a cycle of shame, you can follow that wagon BUT you don’t have to. You don’t have to because there is no wagon.

Ignore what the diet industry tells you can find your own way to enjoy healthy, wholesome food that you love and choose a form of exercise that gives you joy.


Secret Sauce…Start Living Now!


Having a positive mentality for life is important for us all, especially for those who truly need something that excites them in this world.

You shouldn’t have to motivate yourself to do something that you truly want to do. Find your passion and joy in this life, but in a healthy way. Look for the little things in life that bring you joy and happiness.

This excitement that we have for life will help us connect better with other people.

About Lisa Perkins

Lisa Perkins is a former librarian from Alaska turned ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition Coach. After years of living with chronic illness, she figured out the secret sauce for living a fit, vibrant life. Today, she spends her time gently coaching women (and the occasional man!) along their own transformation journeys.

Resources From The Show

What You’ll Hear On The Show

  • 1:50  Josh discusses today’s show topics
  • 3:30  Introduction to Lisa
  • 5:20  How did you decide to become a personal coach?
  • 12:30  What do you find when it comes to quantitative and qualitative coaching?
  • 16:00  The Power of Connection in The Coaching Relationship
  • 18:30 How do we transition from the scarcity and attention to the trust and allowing?
  • 20:00  What was a turning point for you to embrace emotional intelligence and to share it with your clients?
  • 22:00 Your Approach Predicts Your Progress
  • 24:00  The Curiosity and the Patience vs The Shame Cave
  • 27:30  Become the expert on you vs following gurus
  • 35:00 Has there been a part of your life where you or someone you know overcame an obstacle and were proud of yourself or them?
  • 38:30  There IS NO wagon
  • 40:40  Secret Sauce…Start LIVING Now!
  • 43:40  Connect, Purpose, and Trust
  • 44:44  7 for 7 round with Lisa and Josh
  • 45:30  How do you practice gratitude when you’re busy?
  • 48:30  Lisa’s definition of wellness
  • 1:12:10 Takeaways from today’s show


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