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Pitchwerks #102 – Rachel Reid | Subtl Beauty

This week we hear from Rachel Reid, the young and driven founder of Subtl Beauty (subtlbeauty.com), and then starting tomorrow (9/20/2018) we will all be able to follow along in …

342 Transitioning from Management Consulting to a Sports Technology Startup w/ Norma Nieto

Norma Nieto was the President of PIVOT, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Impellia through mid-2017, and is currently working in multiple capacities for Impellia as a consultant. She currently has her …

232 Yuri Elkaim: Making Fit & Healthy Simple Again

It’s easier to start the day healthy than to finish the day healthy. So, whatever you can do to front-load your day whether it be a workout, your green juice, …

Drinking Partners #182 – Tamara Whiting

The Drinking Partners welcome Tamara Whiting, founder of SisterFriend Inc, a non-profit organization, “by women for women dedicated to sustaining feminine health.” Founded in 2015, SisterFriend, Inc has distributed over …

341 Creating Jobs & Stimulating the Economy at Idea Foundry w/ Mike Matesic

Idea Foundry has invested in over 200 companies and generated $1B in direct economic impact for the region. The Pittsburgh-based, non-profit economic development organization focsues on creating living-wage, high-opportunity jobs …

Our Top 10 Favorite Movies of All Time – Episode 114

This week, Brian, John, and Laine are baring their souls to you guys with a very personal count down of each the their Top 10 favorite movies of all time.  …

POPS! for Patients, Deadpool, Destiny, Funko Shop, Metallica, NYCC, South Park, Star Wars, The Flash & More! – Talk’n Pops 122

We talk to Randy Lee Co-Founder of POPS! for Patients, about the organization and all the good that they do. If you’d like to participate and learn more about them …

PLN 9.13.18

Mac Miller, Antwon Rose developments, Nuttings buy a local paper, Catholics, prison lock downs, Giant Iggle, Scott Wagner campaign trans-phobic meme, police misbehavior.   Check out this episode!

Give Me Murder #61 – Aliens? Maybe.

We discuss the Travis Walton “alien abduction” and a whole bunch of other stuff this episode.  That abduction (very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very) probably did not happen.  …

Solocast: Gather The Evidence

Today, can I gather the evidence? “Today I will take ownership to gather the evidence that I am exactly where I get to be for true alignment with my purpose, …

Start The Beat 184: Shy Kennedy

NO TIME TO WASTE! This week I sit down with fellow artist and workaholic Shy Kennedy for a super awesome talk about biting off more than most can chew but …

Pitchwerks #101 – Nadyli Nuñez | Forbes Funds / UpPrize

Fun show this week, as Nadyli Nuñez and Scot MacTaggart have a bunch of laughs talking about the UpPrize pitch competitions, the well-funded and socially responsible results of the combined …

231 Dr. Michelle Perro: What’s Making Our Children Sick?

Children are now sicker than their parents for the first time in history. One out of two children now has a chronic disease and this was unheard of as little …

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