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118 Mike Bundrant: A Fresh Perspective On Self-Sabotage

Get ready for an incredible podcast as we discuss self-sabotage, and how to bring our destructive subconscious patterns into awareness. Why do we sometimes act against our own best interests …

Quote Or No Quote #23 – Oscar Wilde | Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Already Taken

Ah, Buzzkillers, good old Oscar Wilde, the author of so many excellent plays, novels, and poems. Dripping with epigrams, Oscar entertained literary circles in London, Paris and Dublin with his …

223 Kevin Bupp, Wiped out in 2008, Now Owns a Mobile Home Real Estate Empire

Kevin Bupp is a well-seasoned real estate investor and host of the top iTunes show Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow. Kevin has over 16 years experience investing in single …

SDCC 2017 Week 3 Announcements, Warner Brothers, Rick and Morty, Disney, & Miscellaneous – Talk’n Pops 60

  Josh can’t stop talking about a sealed box of pops, and we discuss the last 3 waves of SDCC announcements including Warner Brothers, Rick and Morty, Disney, and Miscellaneous. …

The Cinema Psychos Show: Len Kabasinski – Filmmaker Interview – Episode 59

This week Brian, John, and Elaine sit down with world renown martial artist and fusion filmmaker, Len Kabasinski of Killer Wolf Films.  Len is the mind behind such b movie …

YCHTT #195 — Retro Episode: Back to the Future

Great Scott! In honor of Row House Cinema’s third anniversary, Sean and Aaron head to the Lawrenceville theater for a screening of BACK TO THE FUTURE. Will they call it …

You Graduate Bro? Ep.84 #GrownDadBusiness

It’s that time of the year – Graduation. Throwing them, going to them, crashing them. Jason has a graduation party to throw this year for his graduate and Aaron may …

WFF 007 Josh Trent: Tell The Truth Until It Stops Hurting

As we approach the two tear anniversary next month of the Wellness Force podcast, I’m compelled to deliver what I know to be the most powerful lessons I’ve come to …

Start The Beat 137: Brad Brunazzi of Arcane Haven

You wanna talk about recording music, growing up and reminisce about the “scene” days of the scene? You’re in luck! This week I sit down with long time pal Brad …

Professor Buzzkill #102 – The Age of Charisma

Professor Jeremy Young joins us to discuss the Age of Charisma (1870-1940). It was an exciting period in US history: industrialization was in high gear; railroads and telegraph lines were …

Give Me Murder #8 – Ham & Eggs: The Disgusting and Awful Story of Albert Fish

This week Lena recounts the story of the notorious and gross and horrifying Albert Fish!  Why did she do this, is it because Alex really hates needles?  Maybe! Check out this …

Drinking Partners – YNGBLKPGH | Live from Boom Concepts

In an extraordinary live event from Boom Concepts in Pittsburgh, the Drinking Partners are joined by Brian Burley ? author of the newly released YNGBLKPGH, a book featuring black professionals …

Volume 2, Episode 34

The Humans talk to Chad from Black Yoga about how much jam bands suck (except Doom ones), Lollapalooza, and or course, sucking dicks. The book is Regression. #palmpuddle #bobandthewreckerheads #fuckjambands #anythinginamajorkeyisadisappointment …

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