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Pitchwerks #97 – Steve Stewart | VEZT.co

This week’s show is an absolute monster.  The Vezt platform is a way for artists and creators to raise money – similar to the way an IPO works – by …

334 Startup Exits, America’s Moneyball City, and Your Phone’s Geo-Tracking w/ Alison Alvarez

Alison Alvarez knows a lot about a lot.   In just 30 minutes, she taught me about Charleston, West Virginia, the power of geo-tracking, and how she does market research. …

Drinking Partners #179 – Sam Leonard & The Brew Brotha (Shannon Harris)

The Drinking Partners open their latest podcast with a care package from Troeg’s Brewing Company, which included Nimble Giant, a Double IPA. With beers in hands, they welcome Sam Leonard …

224 Kim Seltzer: The Charisma Quotient

There’s a lot of scientific proof that image matters and that it can actually help you tap into your confidence. As a therapist, I used to believe that you really …

No Weeks Notice #51 – Terry Jones

On episode 51, Ray sits down with Stand-Up comedian Terry Jones. Listen to Terry’s stories about bouncing at rowdy nightclubs in the south. From breaking up brawls to seeing people …

333 Tenacity, Patents, and Glass Ceilings w/ Ingrid Cook

Ingrid Cook is SHzoom’s CEO. The company is an insurance-tech startup with a patented technology focused on automotive repairs. SHzoom was designed to revolutionize the way the industry handles minor …

Disney, Funko Shop, Kubo, Marvel, NFL, Veep, Venom, & More! – Talk’n Pops 118

A lot of dice get spilled and Mike gets tricked dog style. Here is the Link to the Batman Cereal Here is the Link to the Batgirl Cereal Join the …

Rob Lee Co-Founder of Pittsburgh’s ESports Team- The Knights

#113 Rob Lee Co-Founder of Pittsburgh’s ESports Team-The Knights Ever dream of being a professional video game player when you were a kid? Yeah, join the club. Everyone wanted that! …

Skyscraper (1996) – Movie Review – Episode 110

This week we are cashing in on that sweet, sweet SEO magic by not reviewing The Rock’s newest film, Skyscraper; but instead diving into the little known Anna Nicole Smith …

223 Dr. Michael Ruscio: Healthy Gut, Healthy You

Food is not the enemy; we can use food strategically to help us heal. You don’t have to follow such rigid diet rules to the point of feeling like you’re …

PLN 8.9.18

Jimmy Wopo’s gang hit with RICO charges, train derailment at Station Square, Fayette County Democrats’ political maneuver, Rivers Casino surveillance misuse, Scoobi, and more! Check out this episode!

Start The Beat 181: Smokey Bellows

Weddings! Social Media! Galaxy Quest! ROCK AND ROLL! This week I sit down with the guys in Smokey Bellows for a talk that goes off the rails more than once …

Pitchwerks #96 – Lyndsey Smith | Lyndsey Smith Music

This week, Scot has the electrifying Lyndsey Smith in the studio for the first of two back-to-back appearances on Pitchwerks, talking about the music business and what she’s learned since …

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