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Start The Beat 129: The 3 Year Anniversary Party!

Holy smokes!!! It’s the 3 Year Anniversary of Start The Beat! Join me as I sit down with my friends Byron Nash, Meg Fair, Mike Hitt, Lexa Terrestrial & Brett …

Pitchwerks #29 – Jen Yosef and MIGHTY are engineering a successful launch

MIGHTY is on track to release a disruptive new product at the end of the summer, and thanks to an extensive testing campaign, CEO Jen Yosef has a great deal …

Professor Buzzkill #95 – Medieval Indulgences

What were “medieval indulgences”? Were they a way for rich people to buy their way into heaven, and help corrupt priests to line their own pockets at the same time? …

Volume 2, Episode 26

Fuck neighbors who don’t use their own driveway, but insist on taking up street parking. The books are Underwinter and The Damned – Chapter One, which Jared most definitely DID read. #tolerance …

208 Mike Denardis, Raleigh Flyers, Trading Options, and Marketing Channels

Mike DeNardis is one of the owners and founders of the Raleigh Flyers, a professional ultimate Frisbee team in the AUDL.  Mike has been intimately involved with Ultimate Frisbee for …

Does This Hold Up Ep. 177 – Blade

The week we dont watch Ramb 2.  We watched Blade, and then we talked about it.  Here it is for you to listen to.  Thanks.

109 Dr. Susan Blum: The Immune System Recovery Plan

Heal Your Immune System In Four Steps  Antibiotics are supposed to help our immune system recover from viruses, diseases, and other illnesses, but what if they leave us feeling fatigued, …

Drinking Partners 116 – Shane Lohman | Steel City Beer

Shane Lohman of Steel City Beer ? Pittsburgh’s only craft beer wholesaler ? joins the Drinking Partners in the latest podcast and greets listeners with one of the “top ten …

Quote Or No Quote #15 – Hitler: Today Germany, Tomorrow the World

Most people believe they know what Adolf Hitler’s plans for a post-war world would be — German domination. After all, didn’t he say, “Today Germany, Tomorrow the World”? Well, Hitler …

207 Mark Walker, Escaping the Rat Race by Investing in Real Estate

Mark has been an active real estate investor since 2004, so he brought a wealth of knowledge with him when he founded Luxmana Investments in 2011.  He started out as …

Borderlands, Marvel, Mega Man, Naruto, Rick and Morty, The Walking Dead – Talk’n Pops 51

We talk about a lot of cool pops, agonize over Walgreens exclusives, hear from listeners Dan and Dylan, talk about the small hauls this week, and play sweet, sweet games. …

The Cinema Psychos Show: Selling Out! – Product Placement in Movies – Episode 50

This week the corporate sponsors take over and dictate that Brian, John, and Elaine must deliver the show while wearing Nike shoes while drinking bud light and snacking on delicious …

Unforgettable (Rosario Dawson, Katherine Heigl) #178

Sean and Aaron pretty much watch a Lifetime Original Movie this week, even if it does inexplicably star Rosario Dawson and Katheine Heigl. Plus, Aaron tells stories of (sorta) being …

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