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313 Brett Kaufman: Mental Health Life Lessons From A Millionaire Investor

When it comes to finding your purpose, what you’re really after is this life of fulfillment. Service to other people and this world is actually a really important part of …

Avengers, Backstreet Boys, Big Daddy, Fortnite, Iron Maiden, Mulan, Overwatch, Pokemon, The Good Place & More! – Talk’n Pops 185

Everyone is back and of course the computer screwed up! But we kind of salvaged it! Join our Patreon to get exclusive bonus content or become a Co-Executive Producer: patreon.com/talknpops Buy …

Katie O – Start The Beat #271

Katie O is a very nice person who I think is pretty dang cool. She is a radio personality over at BIG 104.7 & 105.9 The X. In her “free …

Drinking Partners #236 – Hack Pittsburgh

The Drinking Partners don’t wait long to get into their verbal shenanigans in the newest podcast release. As only Ed and Day can manage, they make a debate about work …

Pitchwerks #164 – Bill Peduto | City of Pittsburgh

This is our last episode of the year, and we’ve brought in a big guest for it!  Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto is in the studio, telling Scot MacTaggart about how …

Batman Forever – Movie Review – Episode 156

This week, we are traveling back to Gotham City to visit with our good old friend Batman…oh god, we’ve accidentally travelled back to Gotham City 1995!  The year that introduced …

Radiant Strings – Start The Beat #270

Julia & Nicole of Radiant Strings join me for a super fun episode all about their journey of becoming professional musicians and keeping classical music relevant in the modern era. …

312 Kevin Kelly: What Technology Can Teach Us About Self Love

What is our relationship with AI technology as it grows? What will happen to us? We will continue to make these machines and as we make them, we will keep …

Pitchwerks #163 – Leah Jakaitis | Tulco Labs

In honor of Thanksgiving, we’re giving you a giant feast of information to sink your teeth into!  Leah Jakaitis is the head of marketing science at Tulco Labs, which uses …

Give Me Bonus #3

Truly have no idea what this one’s about, hope your Thanksgiving is nice. Check out this episode!

Ky Vöss – Start The Beat #269

Ky Vöss is an electronic music producer and talented human being who is very nice and fun to talk to. Sit back, relax and let’s Start The Beat!   More …

311 Mark Wolynn | It Didn’t Start With You: Ending The Cycle of Inherited Trauma

When a trauma happens, it changes us. Literally, it causes a chemical change in our DNA. The best way to say it is we’re born into fears, feelings, anxieties, and …

Addams Family Values – Movie Review – Episode 155

Happy Thanksgiving or for our friends over seas, Happy Thursday!  As you are engorging yourself on turkey and avoiding the urge to drop “OK BOOMERS” on all your relatives which …

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