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Pitchwerks #123 – Kayce Karlo | Hardware Cup

If you’re not familiar with the Hardware Cup, it’s time to get familiar.  Startups that make physical products are getting hot again, and the Hardware Cup is the leading pitch …

Special Encore Release: Dr. Dan Engle | The Medicine & The Truth

In a special encore episode this week, we are revisiting Wellness Force Radio episode 241 with the Medical Director for The Revive Treatment Centers of America, Medical Consultant for Onnit, Founder …

Drinking Partners #198 – BBGuns

“You can’t pause me for a physical reaction that you had,” Ed informs Day as the latest Drinking Partners podcast starts. Promising to be wild, they welcome Barz Blackman and …

Start The Beat with Sikes #200 – How Mortal Komabt Changed My Life

Holy smokes! I made it to 200 episodes!!! Join me as I tell a story about growing up surrounded by artwork, heavy metal, video games, racism, bullying, criminal activities and so much …

Pitchwerks #122 – Jon Providence | EagleDream Technologies

Jon Providence is the Vice President of EagleDream Technologies, who holds the #1 spot among resellers of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the Northeast United States.  It’s a very competitive …

Stan Lee, Star Wars, New York Toy Fair, & More! – Talk’n Pops 143

Mike and Josh are back from New York Toy Fair and are ready to talk about the whole experience and of course all those sweet, sweet Funko reveals. Enter our …

Toy Fair New York Food Court Mini Episode

Mike and Josh have a quick wrap up in the Food Court at the Javits Center. Enter our giveaway of 100 Pop Shields from 7Bucks a Pop! – https://gleam.io/fb/5FeMW Buy our …

Give Me Murder #76 – The McStay Family

The mysterious disappearance of the McStay family in California in 2010.  We just recorded this right before I’m writing this and I honestly don’t remember a damn thing we talked …

Pitcwerks #121 – Ben Mosior | Hired Thought

Hey kids! Do you like brilliance? Wanna know how to plan for change so it doesn’t kill yinz?  This week we’ve got Ben Mosior, founder of Hired Thought, who was …

258 Boysen Hodgson | “Toxic” Femininity & Masculinity: How The Establishment Divides Us

Masculinity and femininity are inherently beautiful, yet the media has distorted these words with the phrase “toxic.” Together, now we get to decide as a culture how to move forward …

Drinking Partners # 197 – Al Grasso | Allegheny City Brewing

Al Grasso of Allegheny City Brewing joins the Drinking Partners and talks about the brewery’s early days. As they sip on a Fairwaters pilsner, Mr. Grasso speaks on the defining …

Start The Beat with Sikes #199 – Kiwano Sour

This week I sit down with my friends Dylan and Rob from the band Kiwano Sour about finding bandmates on the internet, staying artistically prolific and their new album set …

M.Night Shyamalan Filmmaker Retrospective – Episode 130

Got a movie you want us to review or feedback on the show? Contact us cinemapsychosshow@gmail.com If you didn’t get enough of our M.Night Shyamalan love fest from last week, …

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