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Avengers: Infinity War – Episode 101

Here we go folks!  This is a Code Red SPOILER ALERT!  A giant movie event that has been 10 years in the making.  This week we are tackling the titan …

312 Regional Reinvention in Pittsburgh w/ Bill Flanagan

In this episode, we discuss where Pittsburgh has been and where it’s going.   Bill Flanagan is the Chief Corporate Relations Officer for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. Bill …

Drinking Partners #169 – Lee Terbosic

Listen, sit, and sip.

5 Star, Harry Potter, Toy Story, Avengers Infinity Wars, Deadpool 2, Funko Shop – Talk’n Pops 107

Mike saw Deadpool 2 before Josh and didn’t spoil anything, and Mike had to cut more Infinity Wars Spoilers. Make sure to vote for us for, “Best Local Podcast”. You …

Thomas Sweterlitch Author of The Gone World Rejoins Marta On The Move Podcast Episode 109

#109 Author Thomas Sweterlitch –The Gone World Pittsburgh author Thomas Sweterlitch has been a guest on my show previously to talk about his book Tomorrow and Tomorrow, a post apocalyptic novel based in …

199 Peter Crone: Bridging Physical Vitality & Mental Peace

  If you’re feeling a certain way, you’re going to know to a certain degree what state you’re in. If you’re feeling sad, apathetic, resigned, or depressed, these are all …

Start The Beat 171: Brendan Cope |For Rest

This week Brendan Cope returns to the show for a talk about his new music project FOR REST and the artistic transformations he has made since we last spoke back …

Give Me Murder #53 – 1000 Murders?

Was there a 16th century German cave dweller/robber/murderer who claimed 964 victims?  No one really knows, but we sure talk about it! Check out this episode!

PLN 5.10.17

Charlie Deitch fired from City Paper, Gabby Barrett near death experience, traffic ticket hot spots, plenty of scams, murder-mystery in Aliquippa, election results, and more. Check out this episode!

311 Deploying $80M to Accelerate the U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance (People & Robots) w/ Jay Douglass

Jay is COO of The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute (ARM). ARM is an independent non-profit that won an $80 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense to become …

Pitchwerks Podcast #84 – Walking the Floor of the Pittsburgh Business Show

This week, we take the show on the road!  We’re at Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center to speak with some of the businesses represented on the floor of the …

198 Allison Melody: How Food Heals

  We’re all different. We all have different blood types, DNA, heritage, and the food that grows in one neighborhood is different than somewhere else. So, we have to eat …

No Weeks Notice #38 – Holly Price

On episode 38, comedian Holly Price joins Ray at the meadery to have some raunchy conversations about their old jobs. From finding poop on the boardwalk to catching people having …

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