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351 Aaron Talks to Professional Sales Class About LinkedIn (Duquesne University)

Piper Creative CEO Aaron Watson was invited to speak to the Professional Sales Class at Duquesne University. Aaron made a point of driving home that every college student should establish …

Aquaman, Black Panther, Disney, Don’t Starve, Funko Shop, FunkOs, Kingdom Hearts III, South Park, & More! – Talk’n Pops 127

This is really just a mess of an episode, hope you enjoy! Leave us a review on iTunes or Facebook and we will read it on the show! Be mean …

238 Sefra Alexandra: The Seed Huntress

Monocrops are the number one most susceptible crop to pests, destruction, and possibly famine. By saving seeds, we maintain crop diversity. When we save seeds and store them, we’re not …

PLN 10.18.18

Cops and bikers brawl in Southside, multiple instances of shady campaign practices, a few tragedies, a death on the set of ‘You Are My Friend’, and more. Check out this …

Start The Beat with Sikes #186: The Art & Business of Cooking

This week I discuss the art and business of cooking and the parallels it shares with the world of independent music. Featuring a diverse panel of culinary friends from the …

Pitchwerks #106 – Maddi Love | WebKite

Those of you that like the harder content are going to love this week’s show with Maddi Love, the director of sales at WebKite.  Maddi is a true professional that …

350 Marketing, Storytelling, and Enabling Intrapreneurs w/ Dave Mastovich

Dave Mastovich is the founder and CEO of Massolutions.   In this conversation talks about how he transitioned out of the corporate world into owning his own business and how …

237 Zen Honeycutt: Glyphosate, Gut Health, & Children

The body can heal itself when healthy gut bacteria is allowed to do its job. If you remove glyphosate, the microbiome can repopulate, your body can better balance hormones, and …

Drinking Partners – Brewtal Beer Fest 3

Meg and James Evans, founders of Pittsburgh’s Brewtal Beer Fest, rejoin the Drinking Partners for a special release episode to celebrate their October 20 music and beer festival. What makes …

349 Defying the “Death of Retail” w/ Brianne Conley

Bri Conley is the founder of No. 14 Boutique in Lawrenceville, one of the few shops bucking the trend of “The Death of Retail”.   How?   By establishing great …

Dragon Ball Z, Directors, Funko Shop, Harry Potter, Overwatch, Split, Stranger Things, Summoners War, & More! – Talk’n Pops 126

We talk about a major BBQ disaster. Join the Discord and talk to us! Link to the Discord: https://discord.gg/GSF3dkx Reminder: We want your bad or good retail stories, send them to podcast@talknpops.com and …

Start The Beat 185: Heroineburgh

Heroineburgh is a Superheroine live-action series based in Pittsburgh, PA with all-original characters and stories. This week I sit down with two of the actresses Christina Santavicca and Stephanie Wallace for a …

236 Dr. Michael Ruscio: Healing The Second Brain

If you want to have a healthy brain, you have to have a healthy gut. Someone who has depression and brain fog can feel better in just a couple of …

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