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Lotus Kid – Start The Beat #314

The boyz in Lotus Kid join me for a chat about growing up through Myspace, the evolution of Pop Punk, friendship and everything in between.  https://www.therealsikes.com/startthebeat Also available on Spotify, …

Drinking Partners #249 – Neil Glausier | Burgh’ers Brewing

Day spends the opening minutes of the latest Drinking Partners podcast munching and mumbling as guest host Derek Minto does the heavy verbal lifting and welcomes Neil Glausier of Burgh’ers …

Kire Paputts – Director of The Last Porno Show – Interview – Episode 171

This week, we jump back in time a bit to give you what was originally going to be our episode last week before you know, COVID-19 ended up being the …

Todd Porter – Start The Beat #313

Join me for an awesome conversation with Todd Porter of The Cheats, Eviction and Sinners & Saints Tattoo about growing up in the early days of the Pittsburgh Punk & …

333 Dr. Kelly Brogan | The Spiral Path: How To Own & Love Your Self

“You must be committed to put yourself care first and do that every day. From that space, everything gets clear, and you find yourself the protagonist in the adventure of …

Groot, Fast Time at Ridgemont High, IT, Lil Wayne, Salt-N-Pepa, Sponge Bob, Star Trek Discovery & More! – Talk’n Pops 202

Here we go again. Josh hurts himself a lot, like a lot, a lot. We are teaming up with Badger Collectibles to give away a pretty okay prize pack visit …

Bjordan – Start The Beat #312

Songwriter and life of the party Bjordan is on the show today for a super fun chat about bringing your ideas to life. Sit back, relax and let’s Start The …

Drinking Partners – Rob Tod |Allagash Brewing

In this special Drinking Partners release, Day visits Portland, Maine and interviews Rob Tod, founder of Allagash Brewing, who literally pieced together and welded (from dairy equipment!) the original brewery …

Johnny Mase – Start The Beat #311

Johnny Mase recently came by the studio and we had a great talk about the underground Hip Hop / Rap scene, finding your voice, building a brand and plenty more. …

Coronavirus & The Film Industry – A Special Episode – Episode 170

This week folks, we woke up and found that the entire world had quite literally changed overnight.  Like a bad zombie or outbreak movie, we have found that we are …

Jake Munson Nelson of Post Mortal Possession – Start The Beat #310

My dude Jake Munson Nelson of Post Mortal Possession & Repulsive Creation is on the show for a rad talk about life, love, death metal and everything in between. Sit …

332 John Wineland: Your Guide To Masculine & Feminine Polarity

What does it mean to lead from a place of healthy, sacred masculine energy? Men are hungry for that answer and there’s a momentum-shifting as we see more participation in …

Talk’n Pops with Callers! – Talk’n Pops 201

We talk some pops with Patrick, Nathan, and Ross. It went alright. Join our Patreon to get exclusive bonus content or become a Co-Executive Producer: patreon.com/talknpops Buy our shirts at talknpops.com/shop …

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