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144 RockTape Founders: Healing Yourself With Movement, Mobility, & Stability w/ Steven Capobianco & Greg van den Dries

Although most of us aren’t training for the Olympics, we can still go for gold in our everyday activities. – Greg van den Dries Whether you’re an Olympic athlete or a …

Start The Beat 152: Walkman

Some of my favorite conversations on this podcast are the ones where I meet somebody and have my first face to face conversation with them recorded for the whole world …

143 Thaddeus Owen: The Truth About Biohacking

The health and wellness world can be a very confusing place at times, especially when it comes to the rise of self-proclaimed health experts who may not always have your …

Give Me Murder #29 – The Winchester Idiot House (And More!!)

The Winchester Mystery house, is it actually a mystery?  No.  At least not according to Alex.  If you like when Alex hates something you will love this episode, and vice …

PLN 11.16.17

Fetterman announces his campaign for Lieutenant Governor. Other than that, this week’s show is mostly about perverts, criminals, bad parents, and police brutality. Enjoy! Use promo code “PLN” for $20 …

261 Tren Griffin, Timeless Lessons from the Best Entrepreneurs on Earth

Tren has studied the most successful people on Earth and distilled their wisdom into a new book. I love reading his blog posts and his commitment to concise communication.   …

Pitchwerks #58 – Stacie Paxton Cobos – Climate Reality Project

Nearly all climate scientists agree that climate change is real and driven by human activity.  Even if you don’t believe that, you have to admit that reducing pollution and preserving …

Does This Hold Up Ep. 179 – Men In Brovember

This week we talk Men In Black….for like 2 mins.  We really get nostrals deep in BROVEMBER.  And stay tuned after the show to find out about Jamie’s new side …

142 Ashleigh VanHouten: Biohacking, Primal Living, & Emotional Intelligence

There are no shortcuts on the road to emotional intelligence. – Ashleigh VanHouten On today’s podcast we discuss what it takes to become an emotionally present human in our fast paced …

No Weeks Notice #12 – Ian McIntosh

On episode 12, comedian Ian McIntosh talks about getting fired from a security job because a certain celebrity got medieval on his ass. Follow Us: Find out about Ray’s upcoming …

Drinking Partners #144 – Butler Brew Works

Pittsburgh’s self-confessed D-List celebrities Ed and Day open their latest Drinking Partners episode pondering their local status and how far the benefits extend. Moments later, they are joined by Nick …

Disturbing Behavior (1998) – Movie Review – Episode 78

This week, we are giving you all a front row seat to our induction of another film into our Pantheon of Utter Shit.  Our inductee into the awful is none …

260 Anthony Vennare, Building a Fitness Media & Technology Company the Right Way

I love meeting people who beat the odds. Anthony Vennare was supposed to be a “dumb jock”. He wasn’t supposed to open a gym and find profitability within 2 months. …

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