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217 Steph Gaudreau: Harder To Kill, #MeToo, & Strength

Strength has several facets; it can mean being quiet, surrendering, or letting go of things. Strength isn’t always just this raw charge moving forward. Sometimes, strength is realizing that you need …

PLN 7.19.18

Repeated and suspicious arson at a mobile home park, Warped Tour declared a mass-casualty event, a former state troopers legal issues, Diocesan perversion, protests, and random drug testing. Check out …

Charlie Deitch – The Interviews

I sat down with Charlie Deitch, Managing Editor of the newly founded Pittsburgh Current, to discuss his upbringing, career, and how his journalistic philosophy applies to the issues of our …

Start The Beat 180: Chad Medved

TIME FOR A SWITCH UP! If you follow me outside of this podcast you may have caught me on an episode of I’ll Call You Right Back hosted by this …

Pitchwerks #93 – Bharath Krishnamoorthy | Axle Travel

Bharath Krishnamoorthy – “B” for short – is one of two founders of Axle Travel, a data-driven ride pooling service that launches on July 24th in Pittsburgh.  Beginning with a …

216 George Bryant: Exploring The Shadow Self For Healing

There are 4 rules that I live by: no fault, no guilt, no blame, and no shame. In a 24-hour day, I probably go by those rules maybe for 30 …

No Weeks Notice #47 – Chad Medved

On episode 47, fellow podcaster Chad Medved drops by Apis Mead and Winery to talk about walking out of his job at Century 3 Mall to avoid cleaning up syrup. …

Drinking Partners #175 – Wigle Whiskey | Threadbare Cider | Fresh Fest

After changing prohibition-era laws to permit distilling within Pennsylvania, Wigle Whiskey co-founders sought to return Pittsburgh to its former glory as a renowned and abundant producer of whiskey. Several years …

326 Revolutionary Restaurant Incubator w/ Galley Group co-founder Tyler Benson

The Restaurant Industry was due for a new idea, and that’s exactly what Tyler Benson and Benjamin Mantica when they co-founded Smallman Galley.   Their food hall restaurant accelerator is …

Ant-Man and The Wasp – Episode 108

This week, we discuss the allegations of censorship for horror filmmakers that use Indiegogo for crowdsourcing.  Also, we jump into the quantum realm with Ant-Man & The Wasp, the latest …

Ad Icons, Ant-Man, Christopher Robin, Doctor Who, Friends, Hocus Pocus, Funko Shop & More! – Talk’n Pops 115

We talk Fundays, Freddy speculation, and a ton more! Join the Discord and talk to us! Link to the Discord: https://discord.gg/GSF3dkx Reminder: We want your bad or good retail stories, send …

215 Magdalena Wszelaki: How To Cook For Healthy Hormones

I learned how to cook because I had to in order to save my life and my sanity. – Magdalena Wszelaki What if I told you that something as simple as …

Solocast: This Too Shall Pass

What is your identity when it comes to wellness? Do you have a subconscious identity that letting go of old weight is something that other people do?  In this solocast …

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