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NA1AM – Start The Beat #296

NA1AM is in the building! We had a really great conversation about the current state of Rap & Hip-Hop, his origins as an artist, and plenty more. Sit back, relax …

The Moat Rats – Start The Beat #295

The Moat Rats are my friends and they make nice music. Join us for a conversation about friendship, farts and plenty more. Sit back, relax and let’s Start The Beat! …

327 Jeff Agostinelli: Slaying The Dragon of Resistance

Most people have a very predictable way of how they respond to what we would call resistance but setting up different conditions allows you to literally scramble the circuits and …

Our Top 5 Comic Book Movie Adaptations – Episode 165

This week, we are breaking down our top 5 picks for best comic book movie adaptations!  Note that we are not saying SUPERHERO Films, although that may come up.  We …

Dan Koshute – Start The Beat #294

The homie Dan Koshute is in the building for an awesome conversation about songwriting, performing and plenty more. Sit back, relax, and let’s Start The Beat! ALSO AVAILABLE ON: SPOTIFY: http://bit.ly/startthebeat-spotify …

Talk’n Pops with Sully at New York Toy Fair!

On a very special episode of Talk’n Pops we get a rare east coast interview and Booth Tour with Sully at New York Toy Fair! The audio is way better …

Drinking Partners #243 – Hitchiker Brewing

The Drinking Partners invite Gary Olden and Andy Kwiatkowski of Hitchhiker Brewing back to the podcast, which Ed predicts will be a fun interview, as the paired names of Gary …

Pat Bruener of Bankrupt Bodega – Start The Beat #293

Pat Bruener of Bankrupt Bodega joins us to discuss his passion for photography, building a brand, the power of networking and plenty more. Sit back, relax and let’s Start The …

Talk’n Pops with Christian Braun CEO of hobbyDB

Saddle up for this very special episode where Mike and Josh get to chat with the CEO of hobbyDB Christian Braun. We talk about hobbyDB, Pop Price Guide, The Pop …

Action Camp – Start The Beat #292

Action Camp is a super rad band and fun people to chat with. They’re on the show today to discuss new music, their history as a band and plenty more. …

326 John Chavez: How To Create DMT Naturally Inside Your Body

Endogenous DMT acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory; so, producing these sorts of chemicals would seem to be optimal for the brain. There’s enough evidence to show that endogenous DMT …

Birds of Prey – Movie Review – Episode 164

This week, we are joined by returning guest and friend of the show, Chris Lemke of Ready, Set, Geek to dissect the newest entry in DC’s  gambit to try and …

Emerald City Comic Con, Funko Shop, & More! – Talk’n Pops 197

No Shirts were harmed in the making of this podcast episode! Join our Patreon to get exclusive bonus content or become a Co-Executive Producer: patreon.com/talknpops Buy our shirts at talknpops.com/shop If …

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