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Drinking Partners #215 – Pittsburgh Craft Beer Society

The latest Drinking Partners podcast is an enthusiastic free for all as members of the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Society stop by the studio for a beer exchange and interview. Adam …

Kevin Saftner – Start The Beat #222

Getting things DONE this week with the homie Kevin Saftner of James Street Promotions. We recently sat down for a great discussion about the past, present and potential FUTURE of …

SDCC 2019 Run Down! – Talk’n Pops 162

This is one of our better episodes! We discuss all the great SDCC Exclusives so far! Join our Patreon to get exclusive bonus content: patreon.com/talknpops Buy our shirts at talknpops.com/shop If …

280 Vanessa Lambert: How To Find Your Authentic Self

Authenticity lies in the seed of your soul. When you explore your authenticity, you will be aligned and feel at home with yourself. By being authentically you, you will no …

Standard Broadcast – Start The Beat #221

Nathan & Leland from Pittsburgh based Indie-Rock band Standard Broadcast join me on the show today for a really fun chat about music, food, community and plenty more. Sit back, …

Batman (1989) – Movie Review – Episode 141

This week, we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton’s Batman.  A film that had a very real and long lasting impact on both John and Brian as filmmakers.  …

Pitchwerks #140 – Greg Coticchia | CMU Product Management

Greg Coticchia has a way of inciting mischief in the Epicast Studios, and this time is no different.  This week, the serial-entrepreneur-turned-educator is behind the mic talking about product management, …

279 Thaddeus Owen: The Truth About 5G

5G is not about faster download speeds. 5G is about tracking, surveilling, and controlling what is messaged to you. 5G is about mining your data and making you into more …

Captain Marvel, Elvira, Funko Shop, Marvel 80th, Star Wars, The Struts & More! – Talk’n Pops 161

This is legitimately a bad episode. Join our Patreon to get exclusive bonus content: patreon.com/talknpops Buy our shirts at talknpops.com/shop If you have a question for us call and leave us …

Old Game – Start The Beat #220

HEY HEY HEY We got Brenda and Thom from Old Game on the show today to talk all about the Pittsburgh music scene, how long we can hold our breath, drunken bass solos and their new …

Sorry….. – Talk’n Pops 160

Things broke bad on Saturday Night so there will be a new episode tomorrow. But here is what Mike was able to salvage! Join our Patreon to get exclusive bonus …

Toddy Tondera – Start The Beat #219

Sit back, relax and LET’S GET THRIFTY! On Episode 219 my friend and fellow podcaster Toddy Tondera of Thrifty joins me for our first episode in the new studio and …

Give Me Murder #92 – Yo, the Titanic

“Oh boy look at that big ol’ ice cuber up ‘ere,” stated the excited sailor.  Tune into this episode to find out of that’s how it went down!   Check out …

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