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Fred Rogers – 6:16:18, 7.13 PM

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207 Jesse Lawler | Cognitive Bias: Evolving From Physic Injury

Understanding of cognitive bias is a great inroad to self-acceptance of your own having made bad decisions because it’s something we’re all saddled with; every single one of us. Everyone …

PLN 6.14.18

Aliquippa Police internal affairs, Clairton pool shooting, Dick Groat, redistricting, exhibitionists, Uber, and more! Check out this episode!

Start The Beat 175: William Matheny

Singer/songwriter William Matheny joins us this week. He’s a nice guy. Pretty funny too. Writes really good music. A triple threat for sure. This is an awesome talk and You’re …

Pitchwerks #88 – Carmel Majidi, Navid Kazem | Arieca

This week, Scot indulges his obsession with materials startups by hosting Carmel Majidi and Navid Kazem, the founding team behind Arieca, who recently took up residence at Alphalab Gear.  Arieca’s …

318 A Year of Twitch Streaming, SEO Fundamentals, and Advice from Scott Adams Brad Driscoll

This episode was an opportunity to pester one of my good friends, Brad Driscoll, with questions ?   In addition to co-founding Think Big Marketing, Brad has generated 10 million …

206 Dan Pardi: The Sneaky State of Food Science

It’s great to have knowledge but that by itself doesn’t vaccinate you from having a healthy lifestyle. You have to be able to translate that into skills. Sometimes that skill …

No Weeks Notice #42 – Lee Terbosic

On episode 42, Comedy Magician Lee Terbosic comes to Apis Mead to chat about how he still works the same job he had when he was a kid. From performing …

Drinking Partners – Live from Industry Public House

Live and loose from Industry Public House, the Drinking Partners showcase themselves in true and fun form in this action-packed and interactive podcast. From the opening seconds, the tone is …

Michael Moore – Filmmaker Retrospective – Episode 104

On this week’s episode, we detail how you can win an awesome grand prize by entering our very first contest!  We also recap the tragic death of Anthony Bourdain and …

317 Fighting Homelessness & Poverty through Social Connections & Love w/ Tammy Thompson

Halima Tammy Thompson’s moved to Pittsburgh as a child and was faced with homelessness, loss and countless obstacles.  Years later, she has fused 20+ years of experience in the Real …

Ad Icons, Altered Beast, American Gods, Five Nights a Freddy’s, Funko Shop, Game of Thrones, Star Wars & More! – Talk’n Pops 110

The Great Milk Debate starts with this episode! Make sure to vote for us for, “Best Local Podcast”. You can do it everyday! Vote Here! Join the Discord and talk …

205 Wendy Myers: How To Live To 110

Metal detoxification and addressing the body bioenergetically is really important. I actually haven’t seen anything that works as well as bioenergetics as far as addressing health issues. Heavy metals and …

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