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286 J’aime Radow: How To Be A Catalyst For Truth & Love

Most of us don’t trust ourselves and that is why we ask for permission. So, if we constantly show up like a really good friend and gently ask ourselves how …

#128 Costa Rica Guanacaste travel tips!

#128 Costa Rica Guanacaste Region Tips I am extremely late with this post,(actually I forgot to post it how fun!) but wanted to record an episode about my husband and …

BBGUNS – Start The Beat #229

Lazy JP & Barz Blackman of BBGUNS join me on the show for a great talk about Hip Hop, Tour Life, Video Games, Ramen Bowls, and their new album. Sit …

Give Me Murder #97 – Bigfoot

Bigfoot is not real. Check out this episode!

Pitchwerks #144 – Milena Roucka | Totally Fit Mama

Super fun show this week!  Milena Roucka – who wrestling fans will know better as WWE’s Rosa Mendes – comes into the studio to talk about Totally Fit Mama, the …

Drinking Partners – Steve Fechheimer | New Belgium Brewing

The Drinking Partners (minus Ed, plus Fresh Fest co-founder Mike Potter) try to be on their best behavior with New Belgium Brewing CEO Steve Fechheimer in the studio. In the …

285 Luke Storey | Plants & Breathwork: Welcome To The Jungle

I accessed a deeper, quicker level of healing through the plant medicine ceremonies at Rythmia but I still have to do some inner excavation and work on what needs to …

Hearken – Start The Beat #228

Donny & Greg of Hearken join me on the show for an awesome talk about the importance of communication, navigating the DIY music scene, their favorite smells, public swimming pools …

Big, Cast Away, Conan, Forrest Gump, Funko Shop, Hocus Pocus, Man Men & More! – Talk’n Pops 165

This is a half decent episode leading up to SDCC! Enter our Giveaway for a Bronze Michael Jordan Funko Pop! – https://giv.gg/pCuNi4 Join our Patreon to get exclusive bonus content: patreon.com/talknpops Buy …

Jerry Mulligan & Julia Mulligan – Start The Beat #227

Jerry Mulligan & Julia Mulligan join me on the show for a really fun and insightful conversation about their experiences in the Pittsburgh music scene. Playing in bands, managing bands, …

Give Me Murder #96 – Vincent “Mad Dog” Coll

Our first hitman, and old tyme Irish mobster. Check out this episode!

Drinking Partners #117 – Dennis Hock | Strange Roots

Dennis Hock, founder of Strange Roots Experimental Ales, joins the Drinking Partners and discusses his approach to brewing “liquid art” and the experimentation his brewery is known for. He explains …

Pitchwerks #143 – Kurt Schnieders | DCC Executive Consulting

Kurt Schnieders has had the kind of career that most of us can only dream of.  He is best known for having been the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Dick’s …

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