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Special Release: Anders Varner & Doug Larson From Barbell Shrugged

For inner strength, you can’t just steamroll emotions. You have to deal with them, but first, you must also want to do the work. You have to want to slow …

Pitchwerks #110 – Ray Milhem | Leadership

This week’s guest has led, mentored, coached and advised more people than nearly anyone you’ll ever meet.  Ray Milhem has spent the past year as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) …

PLN 11.15.18

Amazon has chosen a new HQ and we have some details on Pennsylvania’s plea to the tech giant. Beyond that, it’s scam after scam. Check out this episode!

Halloween (2018) – Movie Review – Episode 119

Oh boy, just when you think you’ve gotten over that stomach ache from eating too much halloween candy, we pull you back in!  This week we are analyzing the much …

244 Crista Beck: Love Radar

Childhood experiences heavily imprint our way of being in adult relationships; from communication to affection, we’ve been taught to act a certain way. When we choose to acknowledge this, we …

Start The Beat 188: The Current State of Rock w/ Abby Krizner & BBGuns

What the heck is going on with Rock music?!?! Join me as I sit down with Abby Krizner of Pittsburgh radio station 105.9 the X and Indie Hip-Hop duo BBGuns …

352 Grit & Nail Salons w/ Kate Zarvis

Kate Zarvis has been in the beauty industry since she was 15 and got a job washing hair. Now, she owns her own nail salon that is growing rapidly.   …

Aladdin, Designer Con, Disney, Fantastic Beasts, FLCL, Funko Shop, Harry Potter, IT, Rick and Morty & More! – Talk’n Pops 130

Josh sucks at a game and someone steals Mike’s Password. Leave us a review on iTunes or Facebook and we will read it on the show! Be mean but give …

Adam Rockoff- Slasher Film Expert and Author of “Going to Pieces” – Episode 118

This week, we are joined by an exclusive interview with Adam Rockoff, the screenwriter, producer, and author who literally wrote the book on the slasher film.  He is the author …

Give Me Murder #65 – West Memphis 3

Yeah I’m a bit drunk uploading this and this episode is kinda sad but we genuinely hope you enjoy it and please please please pledge to our patreon. Check out …

PLN 11.8.18

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Election Results, a few funny crimes without terrible consequences, Steeler coverage, and as always, explosives. Check out this episode!

Pitchwerks #109 – Mary Jayne McCullough | Global Wordsmiths

This week, Scot is talking to Mary Jayne McCullough, founder of Global Wordsmiths, and MJ has facts on top of facts to explain how easy it is to underestimate the …

Drinking Partners #187 – Tom Baker & Devon Taliaferro | Big Brothers Big Sisters

The Drinking Partners start their latest podcast with a call for listeners’ favorite moments and an admission that no one can figure out Day’s sound effects. What they do know …

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