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Start The Beat with Sikes #192 – The Art & Business of Business & Art

IT’S ALMOST 2019. TIME TO GET YOUR S**T TOGETHER! I see too many talented artists not getting work and too many local businesses with terrible branding. WHY IS THIS AN …

PLN 12.13.18

Lots of important and genuinely interesting news this week. Also, of course, some giggles. Check out this episode!

Pitchwerks #113 – American Gas Lamp Works

DEEP DIVE!  American Gas Lamp Works is a small Pittsburgh manufacturing company that dates all the way back to 1963.  Like any business, the company has had to grow and …

248 Lauren Handel Zander: Maybe It’s You

Telling the whole truth and nothing but is the ultimate taking care of yourself. I can’t tell you how many clients of mine, once they clean up their lie list …

Drinking Partners #190 – Joel & Chris | Walter’s Southern Kitchen

By now, listeners will be familiar with the Drinking Partners critiques of Pittsburgh cuisine, but Ed and Day giddily welcome the owners of Walter’s Southern Kitchen into the studio. Partners …

Give Me Murder #68 – Murder Innit?

From 18th century England comes the story of a horrific child abuse murder.  As I forgot to do this at the beginning of the episode please take this as a …

Attack on Titan, Felix the Cat, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Fortnite, Funko Shop’s 12 Days of Chirstmas, NTWK, Rick James, Spider-Man & More! – Talk’n Pops 134

Josh tries to teach Mike how to snap his fingers, it doesn’t go well. Leave us a review on iTunes or Facebook and we will read it on the show! …

Give Me Murder #67 – Los Hermanos Menendez

It’s the Menendez brothers!  Please enjoy our light analysis of the background leading up the crime as well as our usual nonsense.  Wow, THIS is a good episode, but obviously …

PLN 12.6.18

Featured on this Heinz ketchup episode, the John Henry of snow plows, East Pittsburgh Police disbanding, two evil women, one far more evil man, and so much more! Check out …

Drinking Partners #189 – Black Forge Coffee House

The Drinking Partners welcome Black Forge Coffee owners Ashley Corts and Nick Miller, who Ed introduces as, “the og’est of the OGs.” The duo stops by the studio to announce …

Pitchwerks #112 – Siloh Moses

This week’s guest was once homeless, and now he’s an award-winning business consultant, philanthropist, and community leader.  He has won pitch competitions, been recognized by Congress, and was recently ranked …

247 Dr. Lynn Marie Morski: Quit Happens

You want to live your truth as much as you can. So many people think that “quitting” is this dirty word but to me, “settling,” is the dirty word. – Dr. …

Start The Beat with Sikes #191 – My 2018 Albums Of The Year

Here it is! Everyone has an opinion. Let’s make this noisy room a little louder with my TOP 10 ALBUMS OF 2018! 😉 1. NIGHT VERSES – From The Gallery …

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