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YCHTT #161 — Deepwater Horizon

How many times this summer can Sean and Aaron watch a bird strike an aircraft? At least one more! It’s a review of the true-story disaster flick DEEPWATER HORIZON, which …

Mini Myths #63 – White House Painted White after War of 1812

The White House is called the “White House” because it was painted white to cover up the fire damage from its burning by the British army in 1814, right? Well, …

Grown Dad Business Ep. 53 Building a House

The bi-weekly segment of #GrownDadTopics with Aaron & Jason Clark – this week, they’re not eating during the podcast – but they talk about Aaron’s family building a new house…the …

Drinking Partners #90 – Bill Oates from T.R.U.B.

Bill Oates from Three Rivers Underground Brewers joins the cast for a refreshing look into the home brew world. Ed and Day talk squatty pottys, enjoy a wide variety of …


For the 99th episode I sat down with the brains behind the upcoming Pittsburgh Brewtal Beer Fest, Meg Evans (Rock Bottom Brewery) & James Evans (Spoonwood Brewery) for a talk …

Professor Buzzkill #70 – Hitler’s Rise to Power

Super Buzzkiller Prof Philip Nash joins us to examine the many myths surrounding Adolf Hitler’s rise from Chancellor to the outbreak of World War II. These include: how Nazi Germany …

Wellness Force Radio #77 – Finding The Joy of Movement With Darryl Edwards

Darryl Edwards is a Movement Coach, Natural Lifestyle Educator and creator of the Primal Play Method;? developed to inspire others to make activity fun while getting healthier, fitter and stronger in …

Going Deep With Aaron | 138 Mike Schiller, a Serial Entrepreneur talks Lessons Learned Along the Way

Mike was most recently the CEO at Green Building Alliance, and was previously the founder of Confluence, Venture Outdoors, and Kayak Pittsburgh.   For the past decade, the Room Leopard …

Does This Hold Up Ep. 164 – Adventures In Babysitting

We have a new sponsor and we talk about a few new business ideas.  And we review Adventures In Babysitting.

Call of Duty, Harry Potter, NYCC 2016, Suicide Squad, and More!

We cover all 5 waves for NYCC 2016 that Funko has announced, and we speculate on where they will go for shared retailers. To pre-order the Call of Duty Pops Click …

Marta On The Move #68 Enter The Imaginarium

Enter The Imaginarium Welcome to the lead up to Halloween on Marta On The Move! I love this time of year, and truly enjoy featuring all things mystery, spooky and …

Does This Hold Up Ep. 163 – Sixteen Candles

This week we had some sound trouble, but our buddy Sorg fixed it for us.  Go follow him @Sorgatron and listen to his shows.   We talk about Sixteen Candles …

YCHTT #160 — Magnificent Seven

Sean was so pumped for this one that he actually watched an old movie! Your hosts tangle with the MAGNIFICENT SEVEN remake, reveal their contributions to the “describe yourself using …

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